“Leadership coaching with Mei has been a tremendous and rewarding growth experience for me over the last nine months.  It has opened my mind to new ideas, and allowed me to delve deep within myself, with expert guidance, to find solutions to challenges, helped me build confidence and prepared me more fully for future leadership opportunities. I’m extremely grateful for the coaching experience.”

Paula Keating, MD
President, New Brunswick Medical Society
Family Physician, New Brunswick

“I have really enjoyed our sessions. It was a completely new experience for me and you were an excellent guide.  It has really changed the way I think about my job – going from something that I was hoping to survive to an opportunity to grow in confidence and help my colleagues do the same.  

Over our 12 meetings we covered a wide variety of topics including giving difficult feedback, addressing patient complaints, limiting beliefs and internal barriers, communication with leadership, developing a group to address a clinical issue, and strategies for leading an effective meeting.  You were able to provide expertise across the board.

You were able to make great suggestions for relevant resources. I will keep coming back to those references for guidance.

I found your approach balanced and compassionate, you encouraged me to explore multiple points of view.  I felt safe discussing anything with you. You were always well-informed. You were supportive and non-directive and consistently pushed me to find my way. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Erica Frecker, MD
Clinical Department Head, Obstetrics & Gynecology
New Brunswick

“Our team at NBMS Wellness would like to extend a huge thank you to you for helping us launch our Professional Coaching for Physician Leaders program! This program has received the highest rate of initial interest in any of the programs we have launched in the last three years…This would not have been possible without all of your insight, guidance, and responses. I feel very confident that the physicians will benefit tremendously from your support and expertise. Thank you so much for helping us make this possible!”

Meaghan Sibbett, MSW, RSW
Manager NBMS Wellness
New Brunswick Medical Society

“Coaching with Mei has been such a wonderful experience. She is warm, kind and insightful. I felt both encouraged and stretched. Encouraged in my more natural abilities to further enhance them and stretched to work on areas that need growth. An area of work for me was to be less of a task-oriented listener and practice more empathic listening. This is an area that will continue to help me in many areas of life. We worked on strategies and boundaries that encourage engagement in the medical community with decreasing burnout. I so highly recommend coaching with Mei.”

Erin Tingley, MD
Fredericton, New Brunswick

“As someone new to executive coaching, I was not sure what to expect. I quickly learned the benefits of coaching. This was accomplished as I developed a good rapport with Mei. Mei assisted me in self-awareness which is so important to living in the present and moving toward one’s goals. Personally speaking, I learned the importance of setting boundaries and techniques to respond to my inner critic. The journey was enlightening, tough at times but Mei was there to guide me and she quickly identified how to most effectively guide me. Thank you, Mei !”

Susan M Skanes, MD
Family Physician, New Brunswick

“I found Mei very easy to talk to, She was able to help me discover “hidden“ strength and redirect my priorities. Her communication style was open and non judgmental. I felt very comfortable through my coaching sessions which made the sessions very productive for me. The flexibility of some of the sessions helped to meet other pressing areas of need and further enhanced the coaching experience. I will definitely recommend Mei as a coach. “

Name Withheld, MD
Family Physician, New Brunswick

“I had a great experience working with Mei for individual physician coaching. Mei was able to work with me from a place of complete burnout to helping me feel like myself again. She is a wonderful, caring practitioner who goes above and beyond for her clients. The combination of various techniques and concrete goal setting made the sessions engaging and extremely rewarding! I can not recommend Mei enough.”

Attending Physician, MD
Fredericton, New Brunswick

“I worked with Mei through a challenging period of change in the direction of my career as a physician. Mei provided both practical support in planning the mechanics of the transition and more emotional support while I worked through the impact of the changes. Her guidance was both open and clear. She helped me shift my focus from the challenges of changing practice, to how the changes were bringing me closer to meeting my goals. 

She also taught me some grounding techniques that I still use regularly. 

Working with Mei was a privilege. She helped me see my situation from a very different vantage point and that new perspective helped me make the needed changes with confidence. Thank you Mei. “

Attending Physician, MD
Saint John, New Brunswick

“Mei is a remarkable and gifted professional coach. As a PhD neuroscientist, I confess, I may not be the easiest coaching client! Mei’s approach is always evidence-based, and supportive of my own problem-solving and self-directed growth. Key among her many gifts is her ability to stay focused on what I was ready to work on, without ever losing sight of the outcomes and objectives we had set at the start of our engagement. Critically important for me, Mei has a style that is very direct. She is powerfully intuitive and directly “tells it like it is.” Under her guidance I was able to dismantle self-limiting behavioral patterns and build a more resilient and satisfying life in balance with my work.”

J. Stewart, PhD
Executive Coach
Virginia, USA

“My experience receiving coaching with Mei Huang has been phenomenal! I consider myself insightful and have focused on personal growth most of my life and she still succeeded in bringing me to a depth of reflection that I had never experienced before. With Mei, you get right down to what is truly important to you at the core, and she does this in such a natural, respectful and engaging way. I was always so excited for my sessions!
When do we ever get this opportunity to take a step back from our lives and truly look inward at the direction we have taken and what we need to adjust to live a more fulfilled life. A life on purpose.”

T. Srios-LeBlanc, M.A.O.
Counsellor, Consultant, Trainer
New Brunswick, Canada

“Coaching with Mei has been an experience I definitely appreciate greatly. I felt I was well cared for by a person I could trust. And Mei was very skillful at asking me questions; she understood me well.”

L. Tian, M. Div.
Campus Minister
Toronto, Canada

“I appreciated the coaching Mei gave me. She was able to help me focus in on key areas and develop specific and realistic action steps that helped me achieve my goals.”

J Tilley, M.Sc., M.Ed.
Therapist, Consultant, Trainer
New Brunswick, Canada

“It was a great pleasure working with Mei. She has a relaxed and non-judgmental style. The coaching questions and assignments she provided initiated deep reflection and ultimately resolution.”

New Brunswick, Canada

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