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When the Heart Calls: 7 Signs Your Heart is Calling You

“In each human being there is a meeting with the divine. That intersection is the heart.”

- Coleman Barks

Jen waltzed into my office with a twinkle in her eyes. This was the third time she came to see me within a 12-month period. Right away, I could tell that something was different this time: Jen seemed calmer, surer of herself. Underneath the nervous energy, her excitement was palpable.

Jen barely needed me this time. By session three, she had resigned from a leadership position she worked hard to get, sold her house, and bought a one-way ticket to Ireland. After a year of painstaking discernment and wrestling with fear of all sorts, Jen has finally managed to answer the call of her heart.

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Life is Like a Trip to Washington DC – My Top 3 “Secrets” for Getting the Most out of Life

I recently took a trip to Washington DC to attend a professional conference followed by a couple days of sight-seeing around the city. Upon reflection, this trip reminded me of some of the most important life lessons I’ve learned over the years – “secrets” that have helped me get the most out of a challenging, rich life for decades. I offer them here as food for thought in the hopes that they would also benefit you.

Each of these three “secrets” warrants a full-length article. However, as they’ve entwined and worked together for my benefit on this one trip, I’m putting them together in this post to paint a broader picture.

Secret #3: Clear Intentions

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